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Oct 29, 2020 · Planning Register: search, view and comment on planning applications . For applications submitted before 7 August 2019, with a reference number less than 19/AP/2404, search the Old online planning register to view details and documents of the application including comments submitted up until 23 August 2019.

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During the planning stage of my adventure, when I thought living in a van was a brilliant idea, my editors told me I had to host a party in my new digs. What a funny picture that will be! they told me. Since then, I had been floating the idea to my friends, luring them with promises of free Brie and sparkling cider.

One third of Elmbridge Borough Council is elected each year, followed by one year without election. Conservative 1973 - 1986. No overall control 1986 - 1988. Conservative 1988 - 1991. No overall control 1991 - 2002. Independent 2002 - 2005. No overall control 2005 - 2008. Conservative 2008-2016.
The Fostering Network is the UK’s leading fostering charity. We are the essential network for fostering, bringing together everyone who is involved in the lives of fostered children.
Planning services deal with the processing of planning applications. Essential maintenance: Planning system. You will not be able to submit or check planning applications from 8pm on Friday 4...
Planning for Sport Guidance Quick links to Sport England's land use planning guidance and tools. Planning Guidance Playing Fields Policy Assessing Needs Pitch Strategies Active Design Planning Applications Community Use FPM CIL & S106 SASPs
Description. Planning & Building Regulations Made Easy. Urban Development Authority Sri Lanka. Regulation 27(1) No plan of the site shall be approved for the construction of a high rise building...
Local Government Boundary Commission for England. We provide electoral arrangements for English local authorities that are fair for voters.
The European Court of Justice judgement in 'People Over Wind, Peter Sweetman v Coillte Teoranta C-323/17' established the legal principle that a Habitats Regulations Screening Assessment cannot take into account any proposed measures to mitigate any likely impact at the screening stage.
Rights of light must therefore be considered even if the planning permission has been granted. Rights of light can affect both domestic and non-domestic properties – even non habitable rooms are capable of enjoying a right of light.
EBCS, formerly Elmbridge Borough Council Building Control, is the first Building Control Mutual in the country. We are a staff owned company set up to provide the building control service on behalf of Elmbridge Borough Council. The company was created with support and finance from the Cabinet Office and is staffed by the same team…
Up to date council information including press releases, publications and events in the Borough.
View planning applications. You can search for and view planning applications on the planning register.. Follow this step-by-step process to leave a comment or an objection on an application.
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  • Land is hard to come by; you will have to be flexible in your requirements and be willing to compromise. We originally set out to buy a plot suitable for a 150-200 sqm 4 bedroomed house, and ended up with a quarter acre plot, with planning permission for a single 250sqm 5 bedroomed house and enough room for a very large garden. Why ?
  • Find Planning Consultants near Elmbridge on Yell. Get reviews, contact details, directions and opening hours. Search for Planning Consultants near you, or submit your own review.
  • The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) echoes these sentiments with paragraph 39 stating, “If setting local parking standards for residential and non-residential development, local planning authorities should take into account: the accessibility of the development; the type, mix and use of development;
  • Under the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, policies in the Adopted Replacement Local Plan were automatically saved until replaced by the Local Development Plan for a period up to 3 years from adoption (in Brentwood's case to 24 August 2008).
  • What is Safeguarding Adults? The Care Act 2014 (Section 42) requires that each local authority must make enquiries, or cause others to do so, if it believes an adult is experiencing, or is at risk

Oct 29, 2020 · Planning Register: search, view and comment on planning applications . For applications submitted before 7 August 2019, with a reference number less than 19/AP/2404, search the Old online planning register to view details and documents of the application including comments submitted up until 23 August 2019.

transport planning not well understood, and the data arising from the survey provides a uniquely valuable insight into the influence that parking provision has on travel choices. Policy context TfL estimates that by 2031 there will be around 1.25 million more people and over 750,000 new jobs in Greater London. Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) deal with all planning matters relating to trees and hedges. Before carrying out works to trees you should always check with the LPA whether consent is required. The Register of Parks and Gardens kept by Historic England is intended to raise awareness of the historic significance of individual parks and gardens.
The online planning history contained within the site may be incomplete. It is not intended, and must not be used, as a substitute for carrying out a formal land charge search. Bracknell Forest Council accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions in the planning history information and must not be used as a substitute for carrying out ... Visit the government’s planning portal to view the regulations first-hand and you will see that it could be easier than you think to make sure your log cabin is permissible. All that would remain then would be to install it and enjoy having a new look to your garden.

Permission to carry out work on a TPO tree needs to be applied for around eight weeks in advance to the Local Planning Authority for a TPO-protected tree ; This includes all work, even routine pruning of a fruit tree ; Notice of works on a tree in a Conservation Area must be given six weeks in advance. If the Council refuses, or if local residents object, an additional TPO could be placed on that tree

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Free Standing and purpose built as flats. Three storeys or above. Including any extensions, no taller than 30 metres. Floor to ceiling heights must not exceed those of the existing building or 3 metres in height.